How To Take A Screen Shot On Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+

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Galaxy Note 10 is an expected flagship from the Korean brand – Samsung, which has just been brought out recently. As usual, the technology community is discussing new and exciting aspects of the latest version, then compare to the old one.

After reading this article, you will have yourself several ways to capture content on the screen of Galaxy Note 10 with the best and easiest instruction. There are many ways to capture screen on Galaxy Note 10: using physical buttons, using Bixby assistant, and using S-pen. Though creating a screenshot is one of the most basic tasks on a smartphone, not all users know how to do it.

Now, let’s see how we can take a screenshot on Galaxy Note 10 with the most convenient ways.

By What Means We Can Take a screenshot on Galaxy Note 10

Using physical buttons

Using physical buttons is the easiest and quickest way to capture the screen on a smartphone. However, if you keep pressing these keys many times, they will quickly get numb or insensitive.

STEP 1: Press and hold the Volume button with the lock button

take a screenshot samsung 1

There are two volume keys on the left side of the phone, and both can be used. However, for more comfortable, you should use the Volume down button because it is located nearer the lock button. Press the Volume key while clicking and holding the Lock button at the same time to capture your screen.

STEP 2: Release the buttons

Hold the buttons until you hear a shutter sound (when your phone’s in normal mode) or see the flash on the screen, then release them. Remember not to hold for too long; otherwise, you will see a power off/restart option on the screen.

STEP 3: Share, edit, delete a screenshot

After taking a screenshot, there will be a small bar with some options at the bottom of the phone. You can share your photo by clicking the sharing button. If you want to crop, add text, or draw to the picture, tap the edit button on the below bar.

After you capture a screenshot, the picture will also be notified on the top bar of the phone if you don’t share or edit it instantly (). Swipe down from the top; then you have three options to choose: share, edit, or delete.

Using Bixby Assistant

If Siri is the first virtual assistant only for iPhone, Bixby is a friendly assistant exclusively for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Is this assistant useful? Yes, it is. Bixby helps you with regular daily tasks such as setting the alarm, read messages, open apps, etc. Can it capture anything on the screen? Yes, it definitely can!

STEP 1: Setup Bixby 

By default, when you need Bixby, press and hold the lock button. If you have changed the function of the lock button to power on/off option, then you have to set up Bixby voice in Bixby apps. After finishing the setup, you can start Bixby assistant by saying “Hey Bixby.”

STEP 2: Command to Bixby

On Bixby screen, say “take a screenshot” and there will be a shutter sound with a flash on the screen. Now, your screen picture is automatically saved in album “Screenshots”, but you cannot share or edit that photo instantly. This thing may be a disadvantage when using Bixby.

Using S-pen

S-pen is a unique feature that only Galaxy Note series have. With this pen, you can do many things you want, which includes taking a screenshot.

STEP 1: Start the S-pen 

To start the Air Command in S-pen mode, take the S-pen of out the phone, and there will be many options showing on the screen. Click on “Screen write” to capture the screen.

take a screenshot samsung

STEP 2: Instantly share or edit the picture

As mentioned above, S-pen can do many things you like. It allows you to immediately edit or share the photo right after you take a screenshot. In the edit theme, you can choose the size, color, and types of the pen from the bottom bar. To share the picture after finishing, click Share button; to save the edited image, click the Save button.

take a screenshot samsung

In conclusion

Now, you all know how to take a screenshot on Galaxy Note 10 with the best and easiest ways. For me, when I want to share with my friends the exciting stories on Facebook quickly, I often use physical buttons to capture it. If I’m eating and using a smartphone at the same time, I ask Bixby to record all the essential information on the screen

So what about you? Which way do you choose to capture things on your screen?

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