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How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

Here’s an article on how to take a screenshot on any devices, no matter the platform including Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, Ubuntu and mobile operating systems (iOS, Android).

  • macOS
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • ChromeOS
  • Ubuntu

A screenshot is an image taken from a computer or laptop to capture the visible things on the computer screen or any kind of other output tech devices. There are a few ways to take a screenshot in Ubuntu, Linux. For this guide, we will share a few ways that are used to take a screenshot directly.

How to take a screenshot on Ubuntu, Linux

1. Use Print Screen key

This is one of the most popular solutions to take screenshots on Linux. Just press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard (capture to clipboard) will take a screenshot of the “Whole Visible Screen.”

keyboard prtscr

If you need to take a particular window, you can use combination “Alt+Print Screen” keys to capturing to the clipboard. It will take only the particular window which is presently active.

keyboard prtscr and alt

Then, you can open some editor apps and paste it into your app like GIMP, Shutter,…

2. Use GIMP

You can also take a screenshot from GIMP application.

take a screenshot on ubuntu

Open GIMP app, then click on File >> Create >> Screen Shot… (Shift + F12). A new dialog window will appear to take a screenshot by GIMP easily.

3. Use Shutter app

The excellent tool is that you can get almost everything on your screen with Shutter app from particular areas to menus or tooltips and web pages. The following tips are taken from the shutter’s official website.

take a screenshot on ubuntu

How to Install and Use Shutter app

You can quickly install Shutter app with the apt-get command-line tool such as shown below.

Step 1: Open Terminal (Combination keys is Ctrl + Alt + T) and type or copy this command.

sudo apt-get install shutter

or you can also install it from Ubuntu Software Centre. If you’re on Ubuntu, you can click here. See more detail about Shutter from Homepage: http://shutter-project.org

Step 2: Click on Selection to take a particular area of a screen.

take a screenshot on ubuntu

Then, select a specific area which you want and you can Use the tools of the panel on the right to edit an image.

take a screenshot on ubuntu

Step 3: Save it on your PC.