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samsung gear

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Gear

Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Gear 2 device is quite easy, you can perform a few simple steps. How to take a screenshot on Samsung Gear Go to the screen which you need to take a screenshot. Hold the Home button and swiping across the screen from left to right at the same time. […]

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HTC screenshot

How to Take a Screenshot on Nexus Devices

Changing to Android OS or a new Nexus 6P phone for the first time? The Nexus 6P certain is amazing. A 2K display screen using Android Marshmallow with many things which you will be happy. If you need to learn about taking a screenshot on Nexus device, you’ve visited the right place. Read also: How […]

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lg screenshot

How to Take a Screenshot on LG Devices

The LG G3 is among last year’s top mobile devices, so it has its own elegant design, back-facing keys and comprehensive list of features. Taking a screenshot is a good method which helps you to share the high score of the game quickly, or share a funny comment to your friends and colleagues. There are […]

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screenshot moto

How to Take a Screenshot on Sony Xperia Z Devices

Occasionally, you want to take a screenshot on your Sony devices. On Sony Xperia, you may do it in several ways including using only the Power/Lock key or the Lower/Lock and Volume Down keys and the third-party app. However, the first method is popular for all of the Android smartphones. How to Take a Screenshot […]

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