How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Gear

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Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Gear 2 device is quite easy, you can perform a few simple steps.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Gear

screenshot on samsung gear 0

Go to the screen which you need to take a screenshot.

screenshot on samsung gear

Hold the Home button and swiping across the screen from left to right at the same time.

The screenshot then will be saved in the Gallery app.

To transfer the screenshot to the smartphone devices. At the Home screen of Samsung Gear 2, tap on the Gallery app.

Tap on the screenshot which you need. Tap and hold anyplace on the screenshot just appears.

screenshot on samsung gear 2

Then tap on More Option icon

screenshot on samsung gear 4

Tap on Send to the phone to send the image to the phone, or you also choose the Recycle Bin icon to delete this photo.

screenshot on samsung gear 5

The screen capture will certainly be transmitted to your mobile phone and kept to the Gear folder in the Gallery.

screenshot on samsung gear

Note: To get more detailed, click on this link from SamSung’s website.

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