How To Take a ScreenShot on iPad Air


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No matter what the cause, all releases of the iPad can take a screenshot and easily to share it with someone in a few easy steps. We will use the iPad Air 2 to make the guide for taking a screenshot. However, you can use this guide for other iPad devices including iPad Pro Retina, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4,…

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How do you take screenshots on an iPad?

Using Home and Power keys

By holding the Sleep|Wake|Power key (at the top-right of the iPad) and the Home key (the circle below the screen) simultaneously until the screen will flash and hear a clicked tone (if your device isn’t on mute).

Sleep|Wake|Power key

take screenshot ipad 01

Home key

take screenshot ipad 02

Using Assistive Touch

Taking a screenshot by using Assistive Touch can easily to do. See the video below to learn quickly.

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If you still haven’t enabled the Assistive Touch icon yet, you can check this link.

Find the screenshot

The screenshot will appear in your Photos app >> Screenshots folder and the image will be taken roughly 4MB of size.

Share the screenshot

take screenshot ipad 3

To share the screenshot with someone or media social, tap on the image from Screenshot folder and select the Share icon at the top-right. Now you can share to your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or share the screenshot by using AirDrop or Email app.

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