How To Take a ScreenShot on iPad Air

No matter what the cause, all releases of the iPad can take a screenshot and easily to share it with someone in a few easy steps. We will use the iPad Air 2 to make the guide for taking a screenshot. However, you can use this guide for other iPad devices including iPad Pro Retina, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4,…

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How do you take screenshots on an iPad?

Using Home and Power keys

By holding the Sleep|Wake|Power key (at the top-right of the iPad) and the Home key (the circle below the screen) simultaneously until the screen will flash and hear a clicked tone (if your device isn’t on mute).

Sleep|Wake|Power key

take screenshot ipad 01

Home key

take screenshot ipad 02

Using Assistive Touch

Taking a screenshot by using Assistive Touch can easily to do. See the video below to learn quickly.

If you still haven’t enabled the Assistive Touch icon yet, you can check this link.

Find the screenshot

The screenshot will appear in your Photos app >> Screenshots folder and the image will be taken roughly 4MB of size.

Share the screenshot

take screenshot ipad 3

To share the screenshot with someone or media social, tap on the image from Screenshot folder and select the Share icon at the top-right. Now you can share to your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or share the screenshot by using AirDrop or Email app.

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